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Application and Assessment procedures

The Trustees consider applications at PPEF Trustees’ meetings which are held three times a year. Meeting dates can be obtained from the PPEF  at  or 01604 684960.

Dates for 2019 are:

  • 24 January 2019 – application deadline 19 December 2018
  •  05 April 2019 – AGM – no applications considered
  • 30 May 2019 – application deadline 03 May 2019
  • 12 September 2019 – application deadline 09 August 2019

Closing dates for applications will normally be four weeks prior to the meeting.

Applications must be made using the correct PPEF application forms.

8 paper copies and 1 electronic copy of the application documentation should be submitted to the Trustees.

It is essential that applicants adhere to the various “Guidance Notes” in order for their applications to be considered for funding by the Trustees. These are indicated in red throughout the application forms.

It is essential that applicants clearly state the reasons why funds are needed, and itemise the costs involved.

The Trustees will give priority to:

  • post graduate physiotherapy education and research that benefits the public and / or the patient
  • Physiotherapy-led research
  • Novice researchers
  • Cutting edge / innovative research with sound methodology
  • Those working individually or as part of a small organisation
  • Applicants who have adequate backup and support
  • Applicants undertaking MSc or PhD programmes
  • Applicants who share their work at conferences in the UK or internationally


Applicants are advised that failure to provide adequate detail on the application form may seriously disadvantage or delay their application.

The Decision of the Trustees is final and applicants will be informed of the outcome of the Trustees’ meeting as soon as possible.


buy generic Seroquel online TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR AWARDS

  1. The applicant must be a physiotherapist and registered in the UK with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) in good standing
  2. Applicants may submit only one application for each research project. Previously successful applicants seeking funding for a different research project will be considered, provided that PPEF has received evidence of the completion of the previous project
  3. Applicants must give evidence of other financial assistance given or applied for in connection with the current proposal and must keep PPEF informed of the outcomes of other applications
  4. Grants and awards shall only be used for the purposes agreed by the Trustees
  5. Costs of administering grants must be borne by the institution nominated by the grant-holder to handle finance
  6. Submission of this Research Funding Application Form does not guarantee that funding will be approved for the project
  7. Applicants must be prepared to provide additional information if requested by the Trustees
  8. Grants and awards shall only be used for the purposes agreed by the Trustees
  9. It is possible that the trustees may set conditions for the granting of PPEF Awards
  10. If the research project should be suspended or cancelled for any reason, the applicant must inform the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and will be obliged to return unspent funds already awarded to them
  11. Should the project funding allocation be more than the final project costs, the applicant will be required to return the balance of over-allocated funds
  12. PPEF require detailed reports on the progress of this project at regular intervals. If the project lasts over a year, 6 monthly progress reports are required. If the monies awarded are in staged payments, the Trustees will require a report before each payment is made
  13. Normally no additional funding will be made available beyond the amount applied for in the Research Application Form
  14. Funds are not provided for loss of earnings or for computer hardware
  15. Funding may be paid in stages according to project milestones on receipt of a progress report
  16. The notification of a successful application and the conditions set by PPEF must be formally acknowledged in writing by the lead applicant and the designated Head of Department before funds will be transferred
  17. Recipients of awards are required to disseminate their work through peer-reviewed journals and other publications. They are also asked to prepare a summary of their work in 8 slides for the use of PPEF
  18. It is expected that acknowledgment of the funding from PPEF will be stated explicitly in all publications and presentations
  19. Applicants are asked to agree to PPEF holding personal data in line with the current GDPR regulations

Grants and awards are awarded in the following categories:

Scheme A1: RESEARCH AWARDS up to £15,000

For novice researchers

  • for full projects, pilot projects or to pump-prime projects
  • to new and novice researchers for full or pilot projects on any topic relevant to physiotherapy

Download Application form

Scheme A1 -application form

Scheme A1- Terms and conditions and Guidance notes


Scheme A2: RESEARCH AWARDS up to £30,000

  • for full projects, pilot projects or to pump-prime projects
  • to new and novice researchers for full or pilot projects on any topic relevant to physiotherapy

Download Application form

Scheme A2 application form

Scheme A2 – Terms and Conditions and Guidance notes




Maximum funds available £2000

  • Self-funding Speakers or Poster Presenters attending a conference


Maximum funds available £2000

  • Individual Scholarship Activity

Download Application form

Scheme B application form

Scheme B guidance notes



Scheme C -application form

Scheme C guidance notes

cheap modafinil online uk LOUIS GIFFORD AWARD

This special award has been created in memory of Louis Gifford who gave an outstanding contribution to Physio First and the physiotherapy profession.
It consists of a complimentary/free place at the Physio First Conference plus two nights accommodation and travel expenses.
The lucky recipient will be expected to write a summary of their learning experience for the PPEF trustees and for publication on the PPEF website.
The draw for the recipient of this award will take place in early September and announced in October

Louis Gifford Award Application Form