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We further
knowledge and
skills for the
benefit of
the public

The Charity does this by promoting and funding research and educational opportunities into physiotherapy that benefit physiotherapists, their patients and the public. We help physiotherapy make a difference

The charity’s Objectives

Our main objective
is the advancement of
research and education
in the field of physiotherapy for the
benefit of the public.

We do this by supporting education and research in physiotherapy to benefit

  • physiotherapy patients to improve their quality of life
  • persons (professionally qualified or not) providing paid or voluntary care to any person in need of physiotherapy

We also promote research and its dissemination to the wider public.

Our background

‘PPEF is a charitable
trust dedicated to
making a difference
in physiotherapy’

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We offer grants to fund post-graduate education and research into physiotherapy that will benefit patients and the public, supporting those giving care to anyone in need of physiotherapy. Grants are awarded three times a year to individuals and organisations.

PPEF was founded in 2001 as a Registered Charity and a Limited Company. The Charity owes its formation to its benefactor Kenneth Balfour who wished to leave a large part of his estate to the Organisation of Physiotherapists in Private Practice, the OCPPP; (the previous name of Physio First). PPEF awards grants widely within the physiotherapy profession to applications that fall within its objects. PPEF also works closely with Physio First but is independent from that organisation.  You can view our statement about our relationship with Physio First here. Read More

What do we support

PPEF awards grants widely within the physiotherapy profession to applications that fall within its objects.PPEF also works closely with Physio First but is independent from that organisation.

  • Post graduate physiotherapy education and research that benefits the public and / or the patient
  • Physiotherapy-led research
  • Novice researchers
  • Cutting edge / innovative research with sound methodology
  • Those working individually or as part of a small organisation
  • Applicants who have adequate backup and support when undertaking research projects
  • Applicants undertaking MSc or PhD programmes
  • Applicants who share their work at conferences in the UK or internationally

The Trustees

There are eight Trustees. The ideal make-up of the Board is one physiotherapist representing Physio First, three clinical practising physiotherapists, two with experience in higher education, one financial expert and one lay person (who may also be the financial expert).

Please click on our trustees below to find out more.

Our achievements

Successful projects with the Stroke Association, Spinal Injuries Association, Parkinson ’s Disease Association. Numerous individual awards for MScs PhDs and Post graduate research. Poster and platform presentations at international conferences

Projects with Physio First

  • The Data for Impact project
  • The Annual Physio First Conference with international world class lecturers
  • The Annual Physio First Education Day
  • Contribution to the development of Physio First’s website
  • In Touch – Physio First’s Journal



Our Membership

Becoming a PPEF member

Membership of a charity such as PPEF can bring real benefits both to the work of the charity and for society in general. When a charity’s members are active in shaping the agenda and objectives of their charity, the trustee body is refreshed and its accountability to its members is improved.

Membership is a common governance model in the Charity sector. Its popularity looks likely to continue – The Charity Commission estimates that approximately 80,000 charities have a membership structure.

Help to Shape your profession

Their research indicated that charities with members overwhelmingly saw the role of membership as positive, with 84% of charities with individual members and 81% with corporate members stating that their members made a useful contribution to the running of the charity.

Grants & Awards

Applying to PPEF for a grant is very easy. Download the relevant application form, complete and submit with any necessary accompanying documents e.g. confirmation of a place on a course, to PPEF by email. The Trustees meet in January, June and September to consider applications and will usually inform you of the outcome of their decision within a few days. Read More