To celebrate the Silver Jubilee of PPEF, a Jubilee award has been released. Deadline for applications 31st July 2023

Silver Jubilee Award

The Trustees of the Private Physiotherapy Educational Foundation (PPEF) are offering a oneoff multi-year award to celebrate its Silver Jubilee, which falls in 2026. This Award can be for any programme of work that applicants feel will help the Foundation to achieve its main objective.

The PPEF was founded in 2001 as a Registered Charity and a Limited Company. The Charity owes its formation to its benefactor Kenneth Balfour who left a large part of his estate for this purpose. PPEF’s main objective is the advancement of research and education in the field of physiotherapy for the benefit of the public.

The Silver Jubilee Award is for a programme of work that will last from between 3-5 years (beginning in the year 2024); with a maximum total value of £0.5M (paid in stages). The Trustees intend this award to be broad in scope in order to attract a wide a range of applications: for example:

  • a programme of research; or
  • an education programme; or
  • a programme of innovation



Timetable for applications

  • Midnight 31st July: Deadline for applications: **This is a hard deadline and no concessions will be made
  • 29th September: Trustees meet to shortlist applications:
  • 9th October All applicants informed of the outcome
  • 9th November: Shortlisted applicants invited to present their proposal to trustees
  • 8th December: Final feedback to all shortlisted applicants

Shortlisted applicants invited to present their proposals to Trustees
on Thursday 9 November (will be notified by Monday 9 October)

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All applicants should apply on the Silver Jubilee Award Application form; and complete the General section and then complete the subsection which applies to the category of award they are applying for. (please email for our information pack & application form)

Deadline for completed applications is midnight on 31st July 2023