What and who does PPEF support?

  • post graduate physiotherapy education and research that benefits the public and / or the patient
  • Physiotherapy-led and Cutting edge / innovative research with sound methodology
  • Novice researchers
  • Those working individually or as part of a small organisation
  • Applicants who have adequate backup and support in order to carryout their research
  • Applicants undertaking MSc or PhD programmes
  • Applicants who share their work at conferences in the UK or internationally


Application for funding is open to physiotherapists registered with the HCPC (UK) who can apply as individuals or as part of any of the following; 

  • a charitable organisation
  • an educational organisation
  • a professional organisation
  • a university department
  • an NHS department


PPEF’s funding priorities require applications to;

  • be relevant to physiotherapy and the public
  • be physiotherapy-led
  • if research focussed, have sound criteria and methodology
  • if educational, contribute to the applicants’ practice development, evidence of CPD continuing professional development (which is required legally to maintain registration with the HPCP) and thus benefit their patients


They could also be;

  • collaborative projects which are likely to show an impact on a large population
  • comparative studies between different types of physiotherapy


Research and educational priorities are determined in line with national and professional (CSP) guidelines and particularly those which demonstrate clinical effectiveness and the effectiveness of private practice.

Physiotherapy priorities – top ten questions

Applications are assessed individually by each Trustee, using a scoring proforma, before meeting together to decide if further information from the applicant is required. All applications are measured/judged against

  • meeting the objectives of PPEF
  • meeting the criteria laid out in the application form
  • demonstrating patient/public benefit.


Funding precedence is given to first time applications, but successful candidates can apply for further funding a year after the first award if conditions are met and a project report received.