Specific activities


Project Register: The PPEF have provided funds for the following activities.

Physio First - To complete the information leaflets suite of 8 - Neck Pain

Patrice Berque - To attend Conference in Clorado, Medical problems in the performing Arts

Ann McCarthy - Research project - Arthropathy Haemophilia, Aetiological factors in arthropathy in ankle haemophilia

Patrice Berque - Research into long term of local dystonia of the hand in musicians

Physio First - Phases 7 & 8 SnapshotData Collection

Stroke Association. - Research Project - Improving Community walking after a stroke a new approach WALK

Patrice Berque - To attend IFOMPT for oral presentation

Dr Fleur Kitsell - To attend IFOMPT to present poster as part B of no previous award no 9 2005

London Region Physio First - Diamond Jubilee Celebration and Lecture

Seth O’Neill - Research Project - Achilles Tendinopathy in runners.

Simon Lack - Research Project - The effect of Orthotics on patello-femoral pain

Jenny Parker – MSc in Vetinary Physiotherapy

Carolyn Hirons - To attend Internal Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Hydrabad India

Elaine Gillies - Module in Athletic Biomechanics and sport Analysis, University of Bath

Physio First - To reproduce the suite of Patient information leaflets as downloadable leaflets from the Physio First Website

Physio First - Funding to underpin any shortfall in pre-conference 2 day course. - Angela Grimaldi - International Lecturer

Physio First - 5 places for new graduates to attend Physio First Conference 2013.
Physio First - Application to fund Physio First Officers to attend IFOMPT and IPPA joint Conference in Quebec, Canada
Physio First - Pre-conference Course, co-presenter Neils Honore

Physio First - To sponsor Post Conference Edition of InTouch

Physio First - Patient Data collection Project 4th Phase

Physio First - 2 officers to attend Annual 2 day conference E-Learning

Physio First - Up Date and reprint of Physio First Patient Information Leaflets.

Scottish Region Physio First - Sponsor Lecturer at The Scottish Conference -2010 - Kent Fryrth - Pain and dysfunction the Emotional connection

Chris Whittle - Presenting at WCPT 2011

Physio First - Data Analyst for Data Collection Project

Physio First - Patient Data Collection 5th Phase

Scottish Region of Physio First - Sponsor Lecturer for Scottish Conference Nov 2011 - Sarah Keys 2 Lectures on Back Pain

Physio First - 5 New Graduates to attend Physio First Conference 2012.

Physio First - Education Day Speaker - Diane Lee

Rachel Canavan – International Travel – To attend Course in Canada Dance for Parkinsons

Richard Stanley - MsC Brighton University - Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Katharine Knights - MsC Bath University, Sports Physiotherapy

Physio First - Physio First Education Day at Conference

Physio First - Kenneth Balfour Memorial Lecture - Prof Craig Allingham

Physio First - PPEF Lecture - Dr Michael Voight

Physio First - Pre Conference 2 Day course to support Budget - Diane Lee

Physio First - Electronic Communication The Way Forward - 5 Executive Members to attend Conference
Paul Baker – Individual Scholarship - MSc Brighton University

Fiona Moir - Individual Scholarship - MSc Brighton University

Sharon Chan - Individual Scholarship Professional Doctorate

Mark Geldman –Research Project - Evaluate effect of early treatment for whiplash

Hannah Zreik - Research Project - Qualitative study to explore military personnel who have low back pain.

Physio First - To sponsor post Conference edition of In Touch.

Physio First - Data Analyst for PF Data Collection Project.

Physio First - Contribution to furnishing Kenneth Balfour room at Minerva House.

Physio First - The PPEF Lecture 2011. - Professor Paul Hodges.

Physio First - The Kenneth Balfour Memorial lecture - Linda-Joy Lee.

Physio First - Five places for New Graduates at Physio First Conference.

Sayad Ahamed - Literature and Reseach in preparation for lecture at Physio First Conference.

Louise Eisner - Research Project - Somatic Trauma Therapy training with Babette Rothschild .

Clare Oakley - Research Project - Is Nordic Pole Walking more effective than ordinary walking with patients with intermittent Claudication.

The Stroke Association - Research Project - A Very Early Rehab Trial AVERT.
PPEF - Annual Case Study Competition 2008

Physio First - Application for 10 Postgraduate Places to attend Physio First Conference 2008

Physio First - Establishing an MSC/PhD Programme through University of Brighton

Dr Sarah Tyson - Presentation at European Conference Bruges June 2008.

Hayden Kirk - Research project RCT into effect of Cardiac rehab for patients with known TIA/Stroke

Andrew Wright - Individual scholarship Activity MSc into pain.

Physio First - Physio First Attendance at Back Show. Oct 2008

Physio First - 10 Free Graduate places to attend Physio First Conference 2009

Physio First - The PPEF Sponsored Lecture for the Physio First Conference 2009 Mark Jones

Physio First - The Kenneth Balfour Memorial Lecture for Physio First conference 2009. Diane Lee

Ralph Hammond - Post Graduate development. - Professional Doctorate

Physio First - Production of Education Program Roller Banners

David Carter - PG Cert in Orthopaedic Management

Physio First - To sponsor post Conference copy In Touch.

Physio First - The Kenneth Balfour Memorial Lecture Conference 2010 - Dr Julia Treleaven

Physio First - The PPEF Lecture Conference 2010 - Dr Michele Stirling

Julia Anna Milton – Research Project - To increase skills in respiratory physiotherapy

Physio First - Sponsor eminent Lecturer for members in their regions. - Mark Comerford

Physio First - Sponsor Eminent lecturer for members in the regions. - Sarah Mottram Matrix for managing pain & recurrence.

Scottish R.O, Scottish PF Conference 7th November 2009 - Joanne Elphinstone
Physio First - Annual Case Study Competition

Physio First - 6 places awarded for WCPT

Canada 2007

Physio First - Web-site Up date

Physio First - Kenneth Balfour Memorial lecture funding Conference 2008 - Dr Mary Margary 42. Physio First - The PPEF Lecture for the Physio First Conference 2007 - Dr Joshua Cleland.

Physio First - Patient Information Leaflets ‘Back Pain’

Sarah Mottram.- Research Project - Objective Measurements of Clinical Tests of Dissociation of the Scapula using Motion Analysis.

Jonathon Williams – Research Project - The role of pain in lumbar kinematics and movement co-ordination in subjects with acute and chronic back pain.

Zoë Van Willigen - Application for funding to attend and present at World Conference of Health Professionals Perth 2008.

Physio First - Suite of Physio First Patient Information Leaflets

Physio First - Physio First Private Practitioner Data Collection Project.

Physio First - Physio First attendance at the Back Show 2007
Annual Kenneth Balfour Memorial Lectures – Physio First Conference Nottingham  "Anatomy of Pain and The Mismanagement of Back Pain."  Presented by: Professor Nikolai Bogduk – Australia

Annual PPEF Funded Lecture, Physio First Conference, Nottingham "Pain, Do you get it? and Getting the Message to Patients." Presented by: Lorimer Moseley - Australia

Annual case study competition
Physio First Professional Portfolio.

Annual Kenneth Balfour Memorial Lectures – Physio First Conference  "The Hip, The Forgotten Link for Back & Knee Problems" - Jenny McConnell – Australia

Annual PPEF Sponsored Lectures- Physio First Conference  "Case Studies in the Injured Runner"  - Irene S. Davis USA

Dean Philips MCSP– Research grant to investigate the body’s awareness of posture in the mid-range of sagittal plane lumbo-pelvic movement in sitting in patients who have chronic low back pain and non-LBP subjects.

Dr. Ian Davidson MCSP: Research grant for a quantitative observational study to assess the effect of targeted mobilisation of the Co- C3 segments on the intensity, frequency and duration of migraine (with and without aura).

Nicola Hunter MCSP: Grant to attend international Private Practitioners Association Congress in Melbourne Australia to present a paper and run a workshop on her work on low back pain in manual workers. 2005

Rachael Dickinson MCSP: To study what affect a proprioceptive stimulus has on a canines limb and its opposing legs in relation to Ground Reaction Forces (GRF) single leg stance time, muscle recruitment and balance rehabilitation.

Lee Herrington MCSP: To support  attendance at the 8th International Scientific conference of IFOMT in Cape Town.
PPEF and University of Brighton: Development of Standardised Data Collection System 2004 – ongoing

Fleur Kitsell MCSP– Research grant to investigate the mechanics of patello-femoral joint dysfunction – 2004 on-going

Annual Kenneth Balfour Memorial Lectures – Physio First Conference  "The Medical Model of Headache" - Dean Watson GDAMT, MAppSc(Res) MAPA – Australia

2004 Annual PPEF Funded Lecture, PHYSIO FIRST Conference, Nottingham  "A Manual Therapy Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome" - Pete Emerson USA
Rachael Smith MCSP. Grant to support MSc in Manual Therapy : Assessment and treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction module.

Monica Kesson MCSP: Research funding for a pilot study to evaluate whether graded TFM and GAM are more effective in reducing pain in acute sprains of the lateral ligament of the ankle than grade A mobilisation alone.

Jan Lawrence MCSP: Grant to attend World Rural Health Conference.

Age Concern. Award for sponsoring a new edition of "Promoting Mobility for People with Dementia" part of Age Concern’s Care Professional Handbook series written by and for physiotherapists. Sponsoring a new leaflet on the benefits of keeping supple and continuing mobility for older people.

OCPPP Annual Conference Hinckley  "Why do most people not need spinal surgery"  - Nicholas C Birch FRCS (orth) – UK
Margaret Rees MCSP. Research grant for MSc.

2002 OCPPP Annual Conference Hinckley "Motor control and the spine: Does Science fit Clinical Practice?" - Dr Paul Hodges BPhy(Hons) – Australia.
The Spinal Injuries Association: Production of a video and accompanying handbook to educate physiotherapists and patients: "Gaining Ground – Physiotherapy following Spinal Cord Injury".

Jenny Wigram MCSP: A survey of low back pain in 12-14 year old students at South Dartmoor Community College. Objectives: to assess the prevalence and natural history of LBP in adolescents and find out if activity levels are associated: To research students’ perception of LBP; to publish findings. 2001

The Stroke Association: Reprint of a year’s supply of the Stroke Associations free fact-sheet "Physiotherapy after stroke".

The Stroke Association: Reprint of a year’s supply of the Stroke Associations free information leaflet "Stroke – a guide to your rehabilitation".

The Parkinson’s Disease Society: Project to develop exercise packages in the form of video, audio tape and booklet for people with Parkinson’s disease and their carers and health professionals in order to facilitate the improved management of Parkinson’s disease.

The Patient’s Association: "Consent to Treatment" booklet.

Physio First Branded Presentation Material: To maintain a consistent message using high quality material when making presentations about Physio First, physiotherapy in private practice and the benefits of physiotherapy generally.

Exhibition display stand for Physio First.

Nicola Hunter BSc MCSP MIOSH: Beating Back Pain in Heavy Manual Workers: The study concerned the provision of reactivation rehabilitation to water company workers based in East Anglia with recurrent or chronic low back pain as recommended by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine Guidelines for the Management of Back Pain at Work (2000). The study group consisted of workers with heavy manual jobs and back pain that was causing disability and time loss from work. The aim was to attain a sustainable reduction in the incidence of back pain in this group and consequential loss to employers, employees and the country.

The Physiotherapy Pain Association: Funding of the donation of copies of Pain Association publications to Physiotherapy Schools for student libraries.

Physio First Web-site development funding.

Physio First Patient Information Leaflets.

Funding for the Provision of Sportex supplement to all Physio First Members.

2001 OCPPP/ International Private Practitioners Association Joint conference: Eastbourne  "Physical Impairment in Persistent Whiplash Associated Disorders" 
- Professor Gwendolen Jull – Australia.
Physio First: Car sticker to promote public awareness of physiotherapy.