Our Objective is to

buy Lyrica india Further physiotherapy knowledge and skill for the benefit of the public

We will achieve this by promoting and funding research and educational opportunities into physiotherapy. These will benefit physiotherapists, their patients and the wider public.

buy neurontin overnight “Helping physiotherapy make a difference”

PPEF is a Charity (Registered Number 1005738) whose objects are;
The advancement of education in the field of physiotherapy for the benefit of the public, in particular by:

the provision of education and training in physiotherapy to the public at large and in particular :

  • to physiotherapy patients to enable such patients to relieve or assist in relieving their own suffering
  • to persons (professionally qualified or not) providing paid or voluntary care to any person in need of physiotherapy

the promotion of research and the dissemination to the public at large of the results of research in the field of physiotherapy

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